Our homeowner woes continue. I’m preparing our bathroom for new paint and vinyl floor tiles. As I pulled out the old vinyl tiling, what should appear? CRACKS! IN THE CEMENT FLOOR! FUCK YOU! Sometimes I hate this house so much! Luckily, I’ve been doing some research and repairing the cracks isn’t going to take too [&hellip


I’ve been suffering from some sort of head/nose/sinus related malady that has kept me from the computer nearly all week. My doctor suggested it was a virus, not just the worlds worst sinus infection, and yesterday when I made Janie come home early from work because I was sure I might need to go to [&hellip


This weekend I took some time out of my busy schedule for pursuing some personal interests like television and video games. That’s pretty much why I haven’t updated – because sometimes Kratos needs someone to make sure he defeats Ares to become the new God of War. Yes, I realize this makes me seem like [&hellip

Hoppin’ Mad

This has been an exceptionally rough week. My body is working very hard to do lady things and it makes the rest of my physical being very retarded. I can’t remember things, I ache, I am in a weakened state. I can’t push Janie off me when she refuses to git! We’ve been watching too [&hellip