I Love You...

Cassie and I met as casual friends, and by casual friends I mean we met specifically to sleep together casually, without attachments.  Because that’s how I do (that’s not really how I do.  I know that now). Everyone who I mentioned this meeting to said the same things – Oh.  That’s going to end horribly. [&hellip

Update: Repulsed

I’m so disgusted by myself right now. I’ve tried a million times over to write, but it’s all self-pitying bullshit. I’m in an ugly space and I’m struggling and it’s gross and I hate it. &nbsp

Minor Road Trip

Last week I was searching online for local buildings that had been abandoned so I could take some photos.  I didn’t find much referenced in Seattle, as most old buildings have been torn down for condominiums that no one can afford to move in to.  While in the middle of this search and another unrelated [&hellip

An Important Message...

“Obama is employing with art and skill a complex hidden system applying a multitude of the most advanced techniques in subconscious manipulation known to psychology.” Read the entire 67 delicious pages: AN EXAMINATION OF OBAMA’S USE OF HIDDEN HYPNOSIS TECHNIQUES IN HIS SPEECHES [via