The Bodhisattva Warrior

Last year I read Eat Pray Love for my book club and it was a reminder to me of what I’ve been neglecting in my life. Elizabeth Gilbert set out on a year-long trek to find herself through pleasure and prayer. She spent several weeks at the Ashram of her Guru in India, and as [&hellip

Armageddon, A Tutorial...

Or, “Look, if it’s about that time I puked green slime and masturbated with a crucifix, it was my first keg party, Bobby!”1 In April I posted Part I of Armageddon, a Tutorial.  Well, here we are in September October and I guess it’s time for Part II. We left off just before *TOOT! TOOT! [&hellip

Why Homosexuality is...

See also, Why Jesus is the best friend you’ll ever have and has nothing to do with sex

Armageddon, A Tutorial...

Or, “Fuck, man. This is better than Disneyland!”1 I’ve been reading the Left Behind series and then I watched part of the History channel’s Armageddon week and I’m here to clear up any misconceptions you may have on the subject because I consider my Doomsday studies to be complete and myself at the forefront of [&hellip


I’m not sure if many of you are following the big Catholic news stories these days. Maybe it surprises you that I am, with a website named uncouth heathen, and all that, but these are my people. This is from whence I came, so I like to see what’s what and I’m here to say [&hellip

Pat Condell is...


Hello Dalai

After much ado, I made it to Seattle’s Qwest field to see the Dalai Lama on Saturday. His visit to Seattle over the past five days has been a part of the Seeds of Compassion, a gathering to “celebrate and explore the relationships, programs and tools that nurture and empower children, families and communities to [&hellip

Spirituality and Sexuality

I grew up in a Catholic household and spent my formative years in a Catholic grade school complete with ugly plaid uniforms and regular trips to church. As a family, we went to mass on a near-weekly basis until I was in sixth grade. It was then that my parents insisted my sister and I [&hellip

Camp Malibu

Years ago, while living out my high school life as a closeted homosexual pervert, my mother decided I needed to go to a Christian summer camp and sleep in a cabin full of girls. We sang some Christian songs each night and spent our days in the sun swimming and tanning and sometimes talking about [&hellip

We don’t believe...

Janie and I returned from our 36 hour adventure in Kennewick late last night and we quickly spilled into bed and drifted off. Before I faded, I could hear Carson eagerly drinking from her water bowl for what seemed like minutes. Her rhythmic lapping sent me to dreams of her peeing all over Janie’s pillow. [&hellip