Mr. Saturday Night
Bath Time For...
Gus on film

Here is our precious Augustus Pullo.  Gus.  Gussy.  Gusolini.  Gustav. Gus Gus.  El Puche.  Tiny Pooper. He’s starting to get crazy.  Right now he’s passed out after going on a chicken jerky bender and being slapped in the face by Ducati who DID NOT appreciate his sweet cuteness.  Earlier, this is what I was dealing [&hellip

Please Welcome

Last week I alluded to something special we had going on.  Well, the time is right, so we’d like to announce the newest member of the Lady Gay administration. Please welcome Press Secretary Augustus Pullo.  You can call him Gus. He will handle any press inquiries from here on out, but he’ll get to it [&hellip


Janie has a co-worker with a 4-month old puppy she needs to offload. The little guy is too much for her to handle and we were ready to swoop in and take him off her hands. He’s a purebred Papillon and the cutest little fucker you ever did see. The only stumbling blocks were the [&hellip