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Hard Candy

Janie, a friend and I just spent a few hours watching a 2005 movie called Hard Candy. I was especially interested to see Ellen Page acting in something after having recently seen her rock the big screen in Juno. This movie is VERY different and intensely disturbing.  They are certainly not comparable. This is, sadly, [&hellip

Planet Earth

Janie and I started watching Planet Earth last night. I’ve heard great things about this show from everyone I know so I knew I had to see it. Janie was immediately ill at ease because of her phobia, and I’m not talking the one where she seizes up when I ask her to empty the [&hellip

Christmas Movies

I am not particularly fond of most Christmas movies. I have long enjoyed How The Grinch Stole Christmas (the cartoon version), but my hands-down favorite is National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, much to Janie’s chagrin. I watch it every year, mostly to punish her for that time her family made me watch Jesus Christ Superstar and [&hellip

Crazy Love

I don’t remember how the documentary Crazy Love made it’s way into my Netflix Queue, but somehow it caught my eye and before long it was sitting in my mail box for several days before I stopped being too lazy to walk up two flights of stairs to retrieve it. When I got home from [&hellip


I wondered if I’d still have things to talk about now that this National Blog Posting Month is over. Janie is likely praying for me to keep this up because she’s just enjoyed her first full month of uninterrupted sleep in nearly six years because I’ve saved up every last bit of miscellaneous information for [&hellip