Welcome to NaBloPoMo...

Well, another year, another month of daily posts this November.  I’ll do my very best to keep it entertaining and not resort to posting recaps of the episode of Xena: Warrior Princess we watched most recently (yesterday, Gabrielle was kidnapped and a cult tried to get her to spill her blood innocence.  Xena had to [&hellip


I’ve successfully upgraded WordPress yet again and I only managed to delete half of something I shouldn’t have. BACKUP, PEOPLE! Always back your shit up. Let this be a lesson for us all. I’ve been working diligently on the site redesign and it looks like I might have it pretty much ready by the time [&hellip

It’s That Time...

Hey friends, It is time again for me to update to the newest version of WordPress, which will involve moving some files around and possibly fucking everything up if I make a mistake.  So in the next few days you may see some things, or you may see nothing at all, not even this post [&hellip

Upgrading to WordPress...

I’m doing an upgrade of the blogging platform for this website.  I’ve been pretty lucky in the past when it comes to avoiding upgrade problems, but you never quite know.  So I’m posting a little note to let you know that if the shit goes down and everything disappears, I’ll be back, somehow, someway, some [&hellip


I’ve not had much to say lately, and in honor of that I’m taking the week off from this website to enjoy some special time with myself. November is National Blog Posting Month and I’ll be participating again this year. You’ll be hearing from me quite a bit next month. I will use this week [&hellip

Drinks, Drinks, Drinks...

To understand half of what Janie and I say to one another, you’ll need to watch these old Homestar Runner toons. Thing in a Bag The Interview Marzipan This weekend I have scheduled some photographic posts involving Janie’s transformer, Peter, while we’re away in the woods.  If we come across a bear with her cubs, [&hellip

Welcome, again.

As you may know, if this isn’t your first visit, I’ve made some layout changes. I hope you like it, but if you don’t, you can suck it because I spent too many hours trying to learn CSS so that I could clean this place up for you. I spent money (okay, not really any [&hellip

How To Make...

Let the server my website lives on have multiple errors, one of which is with the databases. When the errors are being fixed and the server is being updated, make sure the ability to see that any of my databases exist is disabled, effectively making it look like my website has been erased completely. Good [&hellip


The WordPress upgrade went well for both Janie and I. It was so much easier than I was thinking it would be. That said, if you notice anything a little wonky here and there while you’re browsing the site, please let me know. This upgrade won’t mean much to you in terms of viewing, but [&hellip


Alright y’all, I’m making some changes. I’m working on upgrading WordPress, but since I have no real clue about what I’m doing and I’m trying to follow the directions very carefully, it’s possible I may mess up and ruin everything. I’ve backed up my posts and all the comments, but I can only hope I [&hellip