Link Dump

I’ve been collecting delicious links again!  I’ve managed to come across so many cute and tasty and fucked-up things in the last months that my special email folder is bursting at the seems.  But not really because email is email and not a pair of pants. I have always loved to watch the Olympic gymnastic [&hellip

uncouth heathen’s First...

Some people love meat and more often than not you can check them off your list with a meat of the month club or something from Omaha steaks or, once, there was a truck going around our neighborhood selling excess meat or something.  I think he was just casing the neighborhood using meat sales as [&hellip


Every once and again I email myself or bookmark a link that I want to revisit and I forget about it for a long time, sometimes for several years. I’m dumping some of those along with some fresher ones. These are for both you and me: Fiji Water: Spin the Bottle: Anna Lenzer shares her [&hellip