I Love You...

Cassie and I met as casual friends, and by casual friends I mean we met specifically to sleep together casually, without attachments.  Because that’s how I do (that’s not really how I do.  I know that now). Everyone who I mentioned this meeting to said the same things – Oh.  That’s going to end horribly. [&hellip

Revised Code of...

Thou shalt not leave thy stereo faceplate under the front seat of the car when thy partner has repeatedly asked you not to. Also, thou shalt properly secure thy Club to the steering wheel to deter neighborhood vandals from attempting to steal thy car, rather than leaving it in thy back seat. Thank you. :*

7 years

Recently, Dooce posted her answers to a meme asking some silly questions about one’s marriage that had been making the rounds among her Facebook friends. I’d not seen this one before, because all of my Facebook friends are currently obsessed with telling me 25 things about themselves or sharing the 25 albums that changed their [&hellip

Lady Gay

A while back I started a blog on Blogger (a Blogger blog?) called “Lady Gay.” The term lady gay is what I have often used to refer to my partner, Janie. It just suits her. My “Lady Gay” blog wasn’t really about Janie – it was a sort of blog about lesbian relationships or, in [&hellip