Janie and I broke down and brought the old desk out of storage to set up in her bedroom so I could use the desktop computer to finish our taxes and fuck around with Photoshop, etc.  I had forgotten how much I missed having that whole set-up.  There’s just something about being able to saddle [&hellip

Dear Dana and...

Greetings to you between-holiday cleansers. I got your emails inquiring about the cleanse, if we were cleansing and how it was going. Well, I have something to say about this motherfucking cleanse. I was amped up to start this thing again, to go from Thanksgiving to Christmas eating vegan deliciousness, feeling good about myself while [&hellip

Oprah’s 21 Day...

I am happy to report that, today, I have no headaches, no stomach aches and no burning desire to just die, already! Last week I may have overdosed on Excedrin Migraine and Ibuprofin in my repeated attempts to douse that burning, aching horror show in my head. I developed a wicked stomach ache that felt [&hellip

Oprah’s 21 Day...

I am so thirsty. I’m thinking of taking all my nutrition in liquid form. My coworker told me that she tried a 21 day cleanse for which there was no chewing allowed. Everything was pureed or some sort of juice or broth. At this point, my thirst is leading me to the delusional belief that [&hellip

Oprah’s 21 Day...

There is such a thing as too many cherries. Make a note of that


I wondered if I’d still have things to talk about now that this National Blog Posting Month is over. Janie is likely praying for me to keep this up because she’s just enjoyed her first full month of uninterrupted sleep in nearly six years because I’ve saved up every last bit of miscellaneous information for [&hellip


It’s November and that means it’s National Blog Posting Month! Holla! The plan is that I’ll post each and every day for the whole month long. Even on Thanksgiving in between bites of mashed potatoes and sweet potato pie (which I’ve actually never had before but plan on trying to make this year). When I [&hellip