I got an email recently from my friend Dana that said, “Please come back.”  So here I am…back…writing words. I’ve actually written several things…one post half-finished called Love Exists, one about that online dating website I joined and then un-joined, another about soul mates, another called What is Love and let’s just wrap them all [&hellip

Celine Dion Had...

It’s December!  What that means is that I have my Christmas tunes in heavy rotation and GOD DAMN do I love a good medley of carols.  I’m working hard on my annual Christmas mix CD, a gift I hand out to all my favorite peoples.  If you don’t get one then you don’t matter.  That’s [&hellip

Urgent Care

Oh, you guys. I spent last Friday night with my ex-wife and parents at the emergency room. I know, right? TOTAL PARTY. Best night ever. We got wasted on IV fluids, tongue depressors and that cart full of unlabeled medications.  We just absolutely wrecked the place. After going out to dinner with my family to [&hellip

Origin of Love

In Plato’s Symposium, Aristophanes told the story of the origin of love.  According to the speech: Long ago humans were of three sexes.  Those of the sun were male-male beings stuck back to back.  Those of the earth were female-female beings stuck back to back.  Those of the moon were male-female beings stuck back to [&hellip