Real Housewives of...

This week I watched the Real Housewives of NYC reunion with my parents who hadn’t ever seen the actual show. All my dad could say, every few minutes, was “Is this really how women are when they get together? Is this right?” In retrospect, I should just have show him this animated version because it [&hellip

Tales from the...

Janie and I spent this past weekend camping at Dosewallips State Park with our friend Carrie and her son, Emilio. After we jammed everyone and everything in the car, which was no small feat, we were on our way down Highway 99 toward the Edmonds/Kingston Ferry. There was a short line at the dock, so [&hellip

Not Ebola

You know, I’m very tired today. I’ve been sleeping well this week, except for that one night when the seagulls had some sort of screaming seagull convention outside our window at 5am, but even with all that delicious sleep I’ve found it difficult to make it through the day. I have come to the conclusion [&hellip

Dear Bravo TV...

I have been a fan of Top Chef since the first season, diligently watching each episode with my loving wife and our friend Carrie. As we watched your most recent season finale, I couldn’t help but comment, as I do every week, that it sure would be nice if Stephanie and Antonia would make out [&hellip

Couch Potato

Oh man, I am lazy.  I haven’t left the house in days. How could I possibly have anything to say when all I’ve done is eat pie and continue to watch the America’s Next Top Model marathon?  I should have more to say tomorrow when the pie is all gone and the marathon is over


We hosted what I believe to have been a successful Thanksgiving dinner last night. We had good food, good company and good conversation. The last guests departed shortly after midnight and Janie and I fell into bed and crashed pretty hard. I spent all of today in my pajamas, watching an America’s Next Top Model [&hellip

But ya are,...

I came home from work a little early because my head aches. I’m the unfortunate recipient of inherited migraines. I’ve had one lingering, coming and going as it pleases, for the last month. I’ve taken every medication, with the exception of this one, in trying to shake this thing. When all else failed, I decided [&hellip