Hey Pretty Lady
Revised Code of...

If Linsey tells Janie not to put wet things on the wood furniture because it might damage it, Janie shouldn’t take it personally, like Linsey is really trying to say “Stop ruining everything we have with your wet towels and your cat that pees all over the place” because, really, Linsey was just sayin’. Linsey [&hellip

“I cannot stand...

It should have been obvious that things were taking a turn for the worse when, after Janie had been gone for a week in California, the first thing I said upon her return was “I’m really upset because you keep leaving things around, like a little trail all over the house, with shit on the [&hellip

Note to Janie



This weekend I took some time out of my busy schedule for pursuing some personal interests like television and video games. That’s pretty much why I haven’t updated – because sometimes Kratos needs someone to make sure he defeats Ares to become the new God of War. Yes, I realize this makes me seem like [&hellip

Meet Janie

Janie was born in 1977. Her mother had toxemia, so Janie was born prematurely and she almost died. Because she was born two months early, she has tiny underdeveloped ears that did not unfold all the way, but don’t say this in front of her mom because she will kick you in the shins. Also, [&hellip

On a Friday...

About six years ago, I was spending a lot of time on the phone with Janie, sometimes up to three hours a night talking about…what? Who talks about anything for three hours a night? What could I possibly have had to say? That’s probably why she fell asleep while I was mustering up the moxie [&hellip

Across the universe

Janie and I have been sharing a full size bed for the length of our relationship. For six long years we’ve positioned our bodies in unnatural poses around three sleeping cats whose only responses to prodding to move are to growl. We’ve spent most of the years pressed tightly together like peas in a pod. [&hellip

The Celiac After...

It’s been about a year since Janie’s diagnosis with Celiac disease and though many things in our lives have changed, some have not, like the fact that Janie still is on me all the time, even after I threaten her with violent acts of singing Carpenter’s songs. Janie lost about 40 pounds because of her [&hellip

Out of Order

I had a rough night last night. I fell asleep at about 615 this morning, following about 7 hours of tossing and turning and watching Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. I realize that in the grand scheme of things, this isn’t really all that rough. I have not lived through a hurricane, a tsunami or [&hellip