Helping Words Love-Fire

Janie has been going to therapy for the last few weeks because she has contracted the crazy.  Don’t tell her I said that because she thinks she’s going to therapy because of me but she is wrong.  SHE IS WRONG!  Last week her therapist made her role play and have a conversation with her fourth [&hellip

An open letter... Love-Fire

This is Rutherford B. Hayes and his wife on their wedding day.  Gosh, Janie…this reminds me so much of us.  Look at the indifference on their faces…the take ir or leave it-ness.  It is like they could not talk or talk forever and still find things to not talk about.  Just like you and me.  And [&hellip

Do I love... Feelings

This has been a weird week. Awkward. I don’t like it, but I’m sure it is what it is for some reason or another. Lessons learned or some bullshit like that. I don’t know. Life is hard! Relationships are messy. Sometimes I just run out of things to say. Feelings. All that. I usually have [&hellip

Revised Code of... Love-Fire

2.7.9 When Lady Gay A says to Lady Gay B that being a sexpert is difficult because they are always thinking about how to spice things up in the bedroom, Lady Gay A shall not reply sarcastically that it is a good thing Lady Gay B is not a sexpert. In addition, Lady Gay B [&hellip

And so it... junk

I spent Friday evening at the vet with our cat Ducati.  I’m thinking I should start a vet tally for each of our pets down below so we can all see what astronomical figures we are paying to keep these four assholes alive.  The I’m going to add up all the numbers and sit down [&hellip

Late books

I’m a day late, but I couldn’t go without mentioning that yesterday was National Librarian Day. Seeing as how my lovely wife has her degree in Information Science, I feel incredibly disappointed in myself for spending yesterday sleeping rather than preparing celebratory library-themed games and snacks. In honor of that day, and of librarians across [&hellip

7 years Love-Fire

Recently, Dooce posted her answers to a meme asking some silly questions about one’s marriage that had been making the rounds among her Facebook friends. I’d not seen this one before, because all of my Facebook friends are currently obsessed with telling me 25 things about themselves or sharing the 25 albums that changed their [&hellip

In my defense,... books

Last week, Janie’s grandmother died.  It wasn’t altogether unexpected, but really sad nonetheless.  Janie was her only grandchild and they shared a very special bond.  In the last years, as her memory steadily declined, she moved to a beautiful home in Oregon where she was cared for around the clock by a family.  Janie and [&hellip

A Midsummer Night’s... Love-Fire

Dear Janie, I realize that when you started here, we promised yearly performance appraisals. I apologize that it has taken so long for us to complete your first full review lo, these six year later. I hope you’ll understand, we were quite busy watching Xena and Playing Madden ’02 through ’08. The good news there [&hellip

25 Things About... Love-Fire

  When I send her emails with links and later ask if she read them, she sometimes says yes, but when I ask her questions or start a discussion about the content, it becomes quite clear that maybe she just read the title or the first line or looked at the picture or said to [&hellip