We listed the condo Friday before last and in the couple weeks leading up to that moment, there was much to do.  SO MUCH TO DO.  There was painting, packing, painting, staging, painting, cleaning, painting, sighing – a lot of sighing – and then MORE PAINTING.  This was not unlike the last time we put [&hellip


Oh, you guys. GOD DAMN. I hate painting. We’re getting the condo all ready to list and it’s paint paint paint all the time and in between we do yard work, cry because a) this is depressing or b)  one of us just had a giant glob of paint drip onto their eyeball, we move [&hellip

This entire place...

I rearranged our office this evening.  I moved everything around and nothing is anywhere it used to be.  I can’t find a god damn thing anymore.  WHERE ARE THE BILLS?  Oh well, they must not be important.  We’ll get new ones next month, right?  No problem. As I took a break from the chaos of [&hellip