Our homeowner woes continue. I’m preparing our bathroom for new paint and vinyl floor tiles. As I pulled out the old vinyl tiling, what should appear? CRACKS! IN THE CEMENT FLOOR! FUCK YOU! Sometimes I hate this house so much! Luckily, I’ve been doing some research and repairing the cracks isn’t going to take too [&hellip

“I cannot stand...

It should have been obvious that things were taking a turn for the worse when, after Janie had been gone for a week in California, the first thing I said upon her return was “I’m really upset because you keep leaving things around, like a little trail all over the house, with shit on the [&hellip

One of Those

I’m having one of those days. One of those days where you just feel like saying “fuck it” to everything because you’re tired of feeling like the only one making an effort. One of those days where you realize you’re feeling sorry for yourself, but you don’t care because so does everyone else and why [&hellip