I got an email recently from my friend Dana that said, “Please come back.”  So here I am…back…writing words. I’ve actually written several things…one post half-finished called Love Exists, one about that online dating website I joined and then un-joined, another about soul mates, another called What is Love and let’s just wrap them all [&hellip

So Long, Old...

My good friend Carrie deleted her Facebook account today which is momentous because SHE IS AWESOME at Facebook and together with Janie, the three of us rock the shit out of it with our hot dialogues.  She decided she needed to focus on school and life for a while so she deleted her account and [&hellip

(Very) Briefly

This NaBloPoMo is not working out so well in terms of the posting daily, but I have posted more in the last couple weeks than I have in a while and so you have to give me that much, people. YOU HAVE TO GIVE ME THAT. So, here is one tidbit… Over there on the [&hellip

Nephew In There

My lovely sister is having a baby boy in March!  YAY!

And so it...

I spent Friday evening at the vet with our cat Ducati.  I’m thinking I should start a vet tally for each of our pets down below so we can all see what astronomical figures we are paying to keep these four assholes alive.  The I’m going to add up all the numbers and sit down [&hellip


My dad called me at work one morning this week just to tell me that he was okay.  I think this was a preemptive attack.   I think he really wanted to say “I know you are going to call me several times today to check and see how I am, and I want to tell [&hellip

In my defense,...

Last week, Janie’s grandmother died.  It wasn’t altogether unexpected, but really sad nonetheless.  Janie was her only grandchild and they shared a very special bond.  In the last years, as her memory steadily declined, she moved to a beautiful home in Oregon where she was cared for around the clock by a family.  Janie and [&hellip

You’ve Been Touched...

Janie and I have been spending the last 6 years debating what our kids’ names will be and whether or not we will change our last names in some fashion to seal the family deal. Will she take my last name? Will I take hers (no – YAWN – boring!)? Will we pick a new [&hellip

Meet my Mom...

This will be short because my parents are shy and they don’t like the idea that I might write about them on the Internet, spilling our family secrets, like that recipe for spaghetti and meatballs. It’s hard for me not to share something about them here, considering they are such a huge part of who [&hellip


Janie and I just spent a long weekend relaxing on our couch. On Monday, the only reason we had for getting up was to go to the bathroom. This is what a long Labor Day weekend should be, people. Sitting on your couch, watching that Tori Spelling reality show marathon. I totally cried when her [&hellip