So Long, Old...

My good friend Carrie deleted her Facebook account today which is momentous because SHE IS AWESOME at Facebook and together with Janie, the three of us rock the shit out of it with our hot dialogues.  She decided she needed to focus on school and life for a while so she deleted her account and [&hellip

The Demon

As it turns out, divorce is still a complete and total bullshit. BULLSHIT, I TELL YOU! Janie and I are scheduling a mediation because we’re having trouble agreeing on a few key things, so that’s going to be super fun. After that we get to file for the dissolution of our domestic partnership. Since domestic [&hellip

Urgent Care

Oh, you guys. I spent last Friday night with my ex-wife and parents at the emergency room. I know, right? TOTAL PARTY. Best night ever. We got wasted on IV fluids, tongue depressors and that cart full of unlabeled medications.  We just absolutely wrecked the place. After going out to dinner with my family to [&hellip


Oh, you guys. GOD DAMN. I hate painting. We’re getting the condo all ready to list and it’s paint paint paint all the time and in between we do yard work, cry because a) this is depressing or b)  one of us just had a giant glob of paint drip onto their eyeball, we move [&hellip

Origin of Love

In Plato’s Symposium, Aristophanes told the story of the origin of love.  According to the speech: Long ago humans were of three sexes.  Those of the sun were male-male beings stuck back to back.  Those of the earth were female-female beings stuck back to back.  Those of the moon were male-female beings stuck back to [&hellip

Letting Go: Part...

Ending a relationship is the most insanely complicated experience I can ever imagine.  I work in a law office and there are an abundance of rules and regulations and codes and laws to weave through and yet it is still less complicated than finding your way through the end of a long-term relationship.  Seriously.  This [&hellip

Linsey and Janie...
Losing your mind...

Back in early March I wrote a post called Advanced Self-Loathing on which many people commented such beautiful and kind things that I was overwhelmed.  It started in me a profound change and I spent many months in a process of uncovering parts of myself that I either didn’t know existed, or that didn’t exist [&hellip


You know what’s funny about getting divorced?  Nothing. Not yet, at least. I’ll write more soon, but I’m suffering from a lack of focus, sleep, concentration and ability to use my words properly.  I’m just a whole lot of oh my gods, shits, WHATEVERs, huh? what? and FUCK THATs. This is not to say I [&hellip