Overheard in the...

I’m growing squash and zucchini! Ooh, then you can make squash blossoms. What are squash blossoms? How do you make something with them? Well, I think the plants flower and the squash grows from the flower, so you just pick the flower and use that…? So the zucchini will just start flowering and I’ll pick [&hellip

Note to Janie


Like A Ray...

Bake and Shake wrote about pancakes as the ultimate in hospitality which sparked in me a small fire, or a flame, maybe just an ember. Or something. I hate pancakes. When I was young, we’d often spend weekends at my great aunt’s house and every morning she’s spend her hard earned retirement hours making us [&hellip

Salt Lick Bars

A little over a year ago, Bake and Shake shared her recipe for Salt Lick Bars and I have been eying them ever since. I finally made them last night for my book club and they are quite delicious. The caramel was soft and silky, the best I’ve ever had. Since the bottom had shortbread, [&hellip

Mmm…tasty delicious canned...

Sweet Baby jesus, why? The canned cheeseburger If I would have seen this at Trader Joe’s earlier today, you bet I’d have purchased it for the book club this evening, just for poops and giggles. Instead, they’ll have to make do with a delicious salad and a shriveled and cold flat bread with ham, onions [&hellip


I was on safety patrol in grade school, dedicated to wearing a fluorescent orange vest and wandering into traffic while waving a stick with a red piece of fabric, hoping cars would stop for the little people crossing the streets. As I graduated to eighth grade I was given the title of co-captain of the [&hellip

Baking Day 2007

I’ve had a difficult time getting into the holidays this year. Since I’ve been an adult, my Christmas spirit has been a little slow to take hold. Maybe it’s because I no longer wake up to mountains of gifts, check to see if Santa ate his cookies, and can’t lie to someone about having woken [&hellip


I can’t type too much right now because today was baking day 2007 and I’m going to explode into a rainbow of cookies. By the way my heart is pounding from all the sugar, it could happen at any moment. I can see it beating through my shirt. We made about 407 different recipes and [&hellip