So, it’s that time of year, people. It’s January, things are feeling fresh and new. You’ve thrown out all your bad habits like smoking and drinking to excess and being a selfish whorebag. You’re entering the year with such high hopes, like 2010 is a brand new baby and just look at it, so full [&hellip


We have new neighbors, which is exciting because our old neighbors did not really care much for us, especially after I cut down that little tree that time even though it was ugly and dying and stupid. It is amazing how things change when someone who lives above you, and with whom you have some [&hellip

New Hobby

I have a new hobby.  It’s called Drinkin’. A few days ago I was sitting at work and I had a craving for booze.  This is notable because I don’t usually drink unless Janie is diagnosed with a horrible disease or our friend Carrie updates her Facebook status with another cryptic message about feelings. When [&hellip


I’ve had a restful day today. In fact, I got out of bed this afternoon and made some macaroni and cheese for lunch. It was exhausting, but delicious! Later this week I’m going to leave the house and test my energy and strength by going to Target. If I spend more money than I planned [&hellip

Potato Leek Soup

Janie has long talked about how much she loves potato leek soup, but I had never made it before and neither had she.  I always thought it would be a long, labor intensive ordeal and I never made the effort to see if I was right.  I’m pretty lazy that way, I guess. While we [&hellip

Overheard in the...

Did you eat all the chocolate? No, you did. I did not. Yes, you did. I only ate the peanut butter cups and you ate all the rest of it. That’s a lie. No, it’s not. And you know what? That ice cream, all the ice cream that’s left is mine. Oh yeah? Yeah. Any [&hellip

Not-So-Secret Recipe

Many people are finding this website by searching for Oprah’s 21 Day Cleanse and ideas for what to eat while slowly dying from headaches, thirst and that insatiable hunger for cheese sandwiches. I’m going to be honest and say that Janie and I ate too much hummus. By too much I mean that if we [&hellip

Oprah’s 21 Day...

It’s so nice to have the freedom to eat things. I spent most of Saturday thinking about all the things I was going to put into my mouth on Sunday morning. I’ve taken up a lot of time in the last week thinking out loud about all the dirty little morsels that I was going [&hellip

It’s a Sickness

When I was growing up, my dad was the one who made most of our meals and did the grocery shopping and since I spent a lot of time with him I learned many things about proper produce selection and cooking. My sister and mom had a closer relationship back then, than my mom and [&hellip

Red Velvet

A few weeks ago I caught an episode of that ass-face Bobby Flay’s show Throwdown. Ordinarily I would have flipped right on through, but they were battling over cupcakes and if there is something I might like as much as donuts, it’s cupcakes. Bobby battled Terri Wahl, owner/chef of Auntie Em’s Kitchen in LA. He [&hellip