Uncouth Heathen’s Third... christmas-presents

(I started this weeks ago and intended to post it before Christmas but then I decided to go off my medication (more on that later) and then I got wrapped up in my Christmas craft projects and Christmas decorating and Christmas shopping and Christmas house cleaning and unmedicated Christmas insanity!  So obviously we’re a little [&hellip

Merry Christmas Eve! camera
Celine Dion Had... On the 11th day of CHRISTmas.....Santa Came to Town...

It’s December!  What that means is that I have my Christmas tunes in heavy rotation and GOD DAMN do I love a good medley of carols.  I’m working hard on my annual Christmas mix CD, a gift I hand out to all my favorite peoples.  If you don’t get one then you don’t matter.  That’s [&hellip

Christmas Reindeer camera