Enough with the...

I know, I know.  Too many videos.   Today was my last day of ye olde jury duty and so I’m free to think about things other than how to appear crazy to the lawyers and judges so as to get out of jury duty.  Right now, however, I’m off to the Britney Spears concert, so [&hellip

Gus on film

Here is our precious Augustus Pullo.  Gus.  Gussy.  Gusolini.  Gustav. Gus Gus.  El Puche.  Tiny Pooper. He’s starting to get crazy.  Right now he’s passed out after going on a chicken jerky bender and being slapped in the face by Ducati who DID NOT appreciate his sweet cuteness.  Earlier, this is what I was dealing [&hellip

Meet Carson

Carson is Harlow’s sister. She is affectionately known as Carson Carson or Missy Miss. She looks like she swallowed a basketball and sounds like she is on a regular diet of Marlboro reds and cheap whiskey. She is always hungry and always thirsty, but she doesn’t want anything other than her special diet cat food [&hellip


Our cat Carson mysteriously contracted worms. She doesn’t eat rodents, doesn’t have fleas and never goes outside or has physical contact with animals who do, so it’s a mystery as to where she got them. Super-fun! But not as fun as trying to find a way to deliver three pills worth of medication to a [&hellip

Fight Night

  Unwelcome Visitor from Linsey T on Vimeo

Overheard in the...

I called the vet and Carson has an appointment next Tuesday. Did you tell them about the thing we found in her booty? I didn’t. They just said they wanted a fresh sample, so I just didn’t bring it up. It’s probably no good now, anyway, so we can just get a fresh sample. I [&hellip

In a Scrape

Janie wasn’t feeling well this morning and so she elected to spend a few extra minutes lounging in bed with a book, covered with every blanket in the house because it’s cold as balls in this place. The cats had been fed and Carson wandered in, looking ready for a nap. I picked her up [&hellip

Hoppin’ Mad

This has been an exceptionally rough week. My body is working very hard to do lady things and it makes the rest of my physical being very retarded. I can’t remember things, I ache, I am in a weakened state. I can’t push Janie off me when she refuses to git! We’ve been watching too [&hellip

Dear Liberty, AKA:...

We have a long and storied history, you and I. I have written to you before, and your only reply was to come over and pee on my patio table. God, you’re such a bitch. Since my last correspondence, I have rearranged a few things. You might have noticed that the little tree-bush thing you [&hellip

I’d like to...

We’ve been working on changing from a clay brand of litter to a pine litter. We knew it would be a challenge considering the fact that one of our cats, Carson, is a raging bitch when it comes to something not being precisely the way she has had it before. She likes her food as [&hellip