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We listed the condo Friday before last and in the couple weeks leading up to that moment, there was much to do.  SO MUCH TO DO.  There was painting, packing, painting, staging, painting, cleaning, painting, sighing – a lot of sighing – and then MORE PAINTING.  This was not unlike the last time we put [&hellip

Merry Christmas Eve! camera
Linsey and Janie... Video
And so it... junk

I spent Friday evening at the vet with our cat Ducati.  I’m thinking I should start a vet tally for each of our pets down below so we can all see what astronomical figures we are paying to keep these four assholes alive.  The I’m going to add up all the numbers and sit down [&hellip

Dinner time with... Video

My favorite part is at 2:28 which duplicates exactly how I fight: dirty and hard. [via

Crime Scene crime-scene-pic

Our cat, Ducati, took it upon himself to attempt murder on Augustus this weekend. I was in the office when I heard skittering feet and knew that Gus was probably involved because he’d just wandered down that way. I walked down the hall and as I turned into the bedroom I watched Ducati scurry up [&hellip

Overheard in the... eavesdropping

Janie, Carson pooped in the office. Again!? Yes, but this time it was just a small piece to tell us,  “I disagree.” Well, that’s an improvement

Briefly junk

Things have been so crazy lately. I feel like I’ve had no time to do much of anything but work, sleep, and play Mafia Wars on Facebook. My father is recovering nicely from his heart surgery. He can now drive and lift ten pounds! He’s also been cleared to return to work part time, at [&hellip

Overheard: Elaborate Plan... eavesdropping

My aunt is coming to visit later this month. She’ll be in town for a food blogger’s convention, but before it starts she wants to get together. Should we make dinner over here? We can make some gluten-free schnitzel or some German pancakes or something. Sure. Also, maybe Carson will crawl into her purse and [&hellip

Linsey and Janie... Video