Gussy Reads Up...

Things have been so crazy lately. I feel like I’ve had no time to do much of anything but work, sleep, and play Mafia Wars on Facebook. My father is recovering nicely from his heart surgery. He can now drive and lift ten pounds! He’s also been cleared to return to work part time, at [&hellip

15 weeks
Bath Time For...
I should just...

That title would be funnier if I’d managed to write anything in the last six months that was worth reading. Sorry babies, Mama’s having a bit of a dry spell, like that one time from 1991-1999, only worse. Have no fear, my ladies and gentlemen! I have several ideas for you to point your cervix [&hellip

Upgrading to WordPress...

I’m doing an upgrade of the blogging platform for this website.  I’ve been pretty lucky in the past when it comes to avoiding upgrade problems, but you never quite know.  So I’m posting a little note to let you know that if the shit goes down and everything disappears, I’ll be back, somehow, someway, some [&hellip

Gus on film

Here is our precious Augustus Pullo.  Gus.  Gussy.  Gusolini.  Gustav. Gus Gus.  El Puche.  Tiny Pooper. He’s starting to get crazy.  Right now he’s passed out after going on a chicken jerky bender and being slapped in the face by Ducati who DID NOT appreciate his sweet cuteness.  Earlier, this is what I was dealing [&hellip

Please Welcome

Last week I alluded to something special we had going on.  Well, the time is right, so we’d like to announce the newest member of the Lady Gay administration. Please welcome Press Secretary Augustus Pullo.  You can call him Gus. He will handle any press inquiries from here on out, but he’ll get to it [&hellip