Update: Repulsed

I’m so disgusted by myself right now. I’ve tried a million times over to write, but it’s all self-pitying bullshit. I’m in an ugly space and I’m struggling and it’s gross and I hate it. &nbsp

Protect Me From...

For months I was alone in my own darkness.  I had slipped into something so impenetrably dense that I didn’t know I could even move, let alone escape it.  I feared I was irreparably damaged – my heart annihilated and life hopelessly sad.  I would sit alone for hours, in quiet despair, too tired and ashamed to look for [&hellip

Inky Blackness

I’m having a really difficult time lately.  There’s so much swirling around in this brain of mine that I’m having trouble making sense of things.  It’s when this starts to happen that I feel panicked because this is exactly how it started when my major depression set in and all hell broke loose.  I’m not [&hellip


Four years ago, life filled itself with silence. In the months before that happened, my life was resplendent with noise.  There were endless words, echoes of laughter, the pulse of music, the gentle breaths of intimacy, the soft sighs and sobs as tears fell, the pointed words of disagreements and the pounding of a heart so [&hellip

Another Biology Lesson

Last we met with the intention of learning science things (that’s very technical lingo we use back in the laboratory.  LA-BOR-a-tory meaning SNORE, this is boring, let’s go get ice cream.  And that’s how science is made.) we discussed vomit and tears.  Vomit and Tears is also the working title of the memoir I’m writing. You [&hellip

Make music of...

The Japanese art of kintsugi is the repair of broken pottery with gold, silver or platinum.  The philosophy behind kintsugi is a reverence for imperfection; embracing the flaws and finding beauty in them as a symbol of resilience. What would happen if we had the capacity to look at ourselves in the same way kintsugi [&hellip

NaBloPoMo 2014

November 1st really snuck up on me this year. I am completely unprepared for this first day in an entire month of blogging, I’ll be honest. It’s not that I haven’t been writing, or thinking about things I would like to explore, it’s just that I haven’t found d the space to actually complete any [&hellip

Overheard on Facebook...

Kim: is it too early for a beer? Linsey: No. It’s Sunday. Football. K: okay. L: Beer and football go together K: becuase i have nothing else but water to drink i have no football is that okay? L: I’m watching football so I have that covered K: does that make me an alcoholic? thank [&hellip

Overheard at Bauhaus

Linsey: when is date night? Kim: Friday L: plan? K: picnic at lincoln park L: PICNIC so romantic K: i’m providing food. she’s providing the picnic basket and blanket                                   L: PICNICS ARE FOR DATES K:  yes, well, this [&hellip


There was a moment, when I saw you, and knew…there was love. It was old and it was precious and pulsing and strong. There was an immediacy in us.  We were fast. A word. A look. A smile.  And then, chest opened wide to show…this…belongs to you.  Do you remember? My body wasn’t yours.  Has never [&hellip