Life List

Here are my loftiest life goals (an ever-growing list of things I want to do and see):


Swim in the Dead Sea | Summer in Bordeaux | Have coffee and a croissant at a Parisian Cafe | Visit the Palais de l’Isle in Annecy, France | Have tea at the Ritz in London | Tour the Castle Trail in Scotland’s Grampian Highlands | Roll down a grassy knoll in Ireland | Visit the Irish Stud Farm’s Japanese Garden | See the Vienna Boys Choir in Vienna | Spend another Christmas in Augsburg / Bavaria | See Michelangelo’s Madonna and Child at the Church of Our Lady in Bruges | Take a Bateau-Mouche cruise on the Seine | See Der Ring des Nibelungen at the Bayreuth Festival | Gamble in Monte Carlo | Take a cross-country road trip | Oktoberfest in Germany | Visit the pyramids| Visit Santorini, Greece | Visit the Acropolis | See the Sistine Chapel | See the Northern Lights | Take an Icebreaker Cruise | Photograph glaciers and penguins in Antarctica | Cruise the Nile | Visit Ngorongoro Crater | Photograph Saharan sand dunes | See the cherry blossoms in Yoshino, Japan | Get an ancient Thai massage at the Oriental Hotel | Eat a lobster roll in Maine | Visit all possible Elizabeth I sites in England | See the temples at Angkor Wat | Move to Bali | Dive in Micronesia | See Loi Krathong in Thailand | Visit every site on the American Whiskey trail | See the Aurora Borealis | Set foot in all 50 states | Set foot on every continent | Sleep in a treehouse | Zipline | Petra, Jordan | Mantasariode Piedra in Spain | Cinque Terre, Italy | Camp Grounded adult summer camp | Float the Seven Teacups in Sierra Nevada, CA| Sea of Stars, Maldives | Iniciatic Well, Portugal | Church of Trees, Belgium | Lost Spring Thermal Pools, New Zealand | Kruger national Park, South Africa | Glowworm Caves, New Zealand | Witch Dungeon Museum in Salem, Massachusetts | The Subway in Zion National Park, Utah | Stay at Fairmont Chateau in Lake Louise, Alberta | Ha Long Bay, Vietnam | Blue Lagoon in Reykjavik, Iceland | Antelope Canyon, Arizona | Katikies Hotel Cave Pool, Greece |


Change a car tire | Change car brakes | Change car oil | Install a light fixture | Craft a piece of furniture | Make a bird house | Blow glass |


Swim with Dolphins | Win big ($1000+ in Vegas) | Eat a hot dog from a street vendor | See the Olympic Games in person | Ride a horse again | Ride an elephant | Be debt free | Dive with manta rays | Catch a fish | Go 1 year without television | Make a soufflé | Read Ulysses | Sew a pair of pants that are attractive and wearable | Knit a yarn animal | Shoot a gun | Have a vegetable garden | Write a book | Go vegetarian for a year or longer | Go vegan for a year or longer | Make an anonymous art-piece for a public space | Run a marathon  | Learn to say “hello” in 50 languages | Take a martial arts class | Fire walking | Be an extra in a film | Shower in a waterfall | Go on a ghost hunt | Cut my own Christmas tree | Compete in a triathlon | Dive off a cliff | Sleep in a treehouse | Zipline | Complete the Big Climb | Study for MA in Psychology of religion at Heythrop College | Have a snow egg at Quay in Australia |


Buy a brand new car | Buy a house with a large front porch | Buy a boat | Buy and fix up a camper trailer

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