23/365 Mrs. D

In your first grade class we’d take turns eating lunch at your desk, and after we’d get a prize from the treasure chest. When it was finally my turn, and why that was so awesome I will never remember, I got a giant pencil and displayed it in my bedroom

22/365 Carrie

You’re officially the friend I’ve had the longest, except for the others I’ve had longer. We’ve been through tough times, like when you called me a whore and bitch, but enough about ten minutes ago, let’s talk about now. I can’t think of anything to write but lies. Too bad

21/365 Annelise

I met your entire family before I met you because you were living in Hawaii at the time. I’m glad you came back so I had the chance to get to know one of Janie’s oldest and dearest friends. You have the greatest laugh and you give the best hugs

20/365 Amy H.

I’ve seen you a few times on Fox News now and I’m happy you’re successful but sad you’re a champion of the far right. I remember when you were working in the bakery at QFC. I remember when you were standing on our coffee table to escape that 10 pound poodle

19/365 Stephanie

When we were in second grade and you came over for a sleepover, my hermit crab died.  He came out of his shell and that was that, he was done.  I thought you killed him – at least that’s what I told everyone at school the next week.  Sorry about that

18/365 Peter

You were one of the only guys I’ve ever had a crush on.  I liked your lisp, football player physique and rosy cheeks.  I think you moved to Ohio?  Iowa?  Somewhere farther than I’d have preferred, seeing as how I was trying to woo you.  We had fun in

17/365 Elizabeth

We lived on the same horseshoe-shaped block, you at the bottom and I at the top.  Do you remember the time my mom called me home for dinner and you got upset, then pushed me down the stairs?  In seventh grade you pushed me down the escalator in Nordstrom. Rude!

16/365 Crystal

You would stay with your grandparents during the summer, just a few houses down from mine.  You told the dirtiest jokes, some that I wouldn’t tell, even now, now in mixed company.  You gave me your hermit crab and I loved him until he died one night during a sleepover

14-15/365 Mr. and...

I have fond childhood memories of sitting at your dark wooden bar, being served pop and then being left to run amok in your house. We played on the bars in your backyard and sailed up and down your steep driveway on bicycles and in roller skates. Best neighbors ever

13/365 Trent

When we were younger we’d play together every day: riding bikes, playing Bubble Bobble on Nintendo and kickball in the circle. It’s clear we have completely opposite views on just about everything now, but I remember when you were obsessed with Joan Rivers and religiously watched Days of Our Lives