33/365 Sister Ann

You taught my brother, sister and myself at one point or another.  Always with the same plaid skirts, brown hosiery, white blouse and unmovable hair.  You are the kindest Catholic nun I’ve ever met. When my sister was in your class, she mad a Santa out of an oatmeal container

32/365 Mrs. H

You were, really, the first lady I ever had a crush on.  I’m sure I only came off as weird.  Story of my life. You were a fun teacher, even if you were too embarrassed to read to us from those sex ed booklets, and made us do it instead

31/365 Rose #2

We first met when I was eight and you cut my hair like Dorothy Hamill, at my mothers request.  You cut and permed the hell out of my hair for many years after that.   I adored your southern accent. You reminded me of Blanche on Golden Girls, only less whorey

30/365 Robin-O

Remember when we started that book club years ago, and how it lasted anly about six months before everyone gave up?  Well, I’m so glad we managed to remain friends after that, because you’re one of my favorite people.  Seriously.  You can tell me about your ovaries whenever you want

29/365 Alyssa

It’s strange to have reconnected after all these years, but nice to be able to chat over a friendly game of Scrabble.  I’m happy to see you are happy.  I know I probably should have treated you better when we dated.  I had a lot of growing up to do

28/365 Audra

We had PE together freshman year.  We weren’t friends, but I thought you were nice, the kind of person who would talk to anyone.  You were murdered during Sophomore year by your abusive boyfriend.  It’s so sad that your life ended before you ever had the chance to really live

27/365 Carol

From real estate agent to good friend. I had a dream about you the other night. We were talking about your mom and you said she was doing better. I hope that’s true. It’s about time we got together again for some Thai food and a walk around Seward Park

26/365 Mrs. J

You’re one of the main reasons I hated third grade. You were just plain mean. You tore up my Garbage Pail Kids because I looked at them during Reading Rainbow. That made me so mad! Later, you moved a block away from me and that was a total downer. 

25/365 Ms. F

2nd grade homeroom teacher.  We had a bake sale to raise money for the elephant habitat.  We learned to count to 1000 – by writing every last number, over many weeks.  We made a giant triceratops out of tissue paper. You drove a Ford Escort and we thought you were SO

24/365 Mrs. F

First grade language arts is not that hard, it’s mainly spelling. I knew this to be true and that’s why I was embarrassed when we were self-correcting our spelling tests, and I cheated by changing an answer. To be fair, “of” and “ove” sound exactly alike when you say them