I Love You...

Cassie and I met as casual friends, and by casual friends I mean we met specifically to sleep together casually, without attachments.  Because that’s how I do (that’s not really how I do.  I know that now). Everyone who I mentioned this meeting to said the same things – Oh.  That’s going to end horribly. [&hellip

Overheard on Facebook...

Kim: is it too early for a beer? Linsey: No. It’s Sunday. Football. K: okay. L: Beer and football go together K: becuase i have nothing else but water to drink i have no football is that okay? L: I’m watching football so I have that covered K: does that make me an alcoholic? thank [&hellip

Overheard at Bauhaus

Linsey: when is date night? Kim: Friday L: plan? K: picnic at lincoln park L: PICNIC so romantic K: i’m providing food. she’s providing the picnic basket and blanket                                   L: PICNICS ARE FOR DATES K:  yes, well, this [&hellip

The Fat Chick

Fat Bastard: I can’t stop eating. I eat because I’m unhappy, and I’m unhappy because I eat. It’s a vicious cycle. Now, if you’ll excuse me, there’s someone I’d like to get in touch with and forgive… myself. Fat Bastard: [Farts] Sorry. I farted. It’s a long road ahead. There is one particular moment that [&hellip

Day One

It’s been so long since I’ve sat in front of the computer really trying to write.  It feels almost like I’ve forgotten how this works…what my creative process looks like.  It’s going to take me a while to figure out what I’m supposed to be doing here now.  Ever the impatient one, I’m already frustrated [&hellip


Here I am! Were you worried I was dead because it’s been a month since I’ve posted? No? Well, then fuck you. You should have been HYSTERICAL like I was a few weeks ago when my sister stopped answering her cell phone for 45 minutes and I was convinced she was dead or kidnapped or [&hellip


I got an email recently from my friend Dana that said, “Please come back.”  So here I am…back…writing words. I’ve actually written several things…one post half-finished called Love Exists, one about that online dating website I joined and then un-joined, another about soul mates, another called What is Love and let’s just wrap them all [&hellip

Checking in

Who reads their blog archives at 1am and laughs like a jackass?  That would be me. I really do have some things to say here, some posts that have been half-written and sit in my drafts file like some orphaned children. I’ll be back for you, my babies, I yell as I pour another cocktail [&hellip