Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dinner time with...

My favorite part is at 2:28 which duplicates exactly how I fight: dirty and hard. [via

Friday Night Videos

Since I’ve been laid up, there hasn’t been a whole lot to do other than to make Janie angry by threatening to clean out her nightstand drawer where she hoards things like medication, nuts and writing implements.  I dug around in there and found our Flip camcorder and we spent several minutes Thursday night watching [&hellip

What. The. Hell.

There are some people in this world who do not fully grasp the definition of the word “interpret,” which is most often taken to mean: Present in understandable terms. So when I ask you to interpret the word “horrible” for me, you say “Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag.” See? It’s so easy. When I was [&hellip

Breaking News! Edition

Shit is going down in the world, people. Shit is going down. There are so many worthwhile headlines to discuss that I can’t keep them straight. Let me see if I can break it down for you: Iran is in shambles. The people want freedom! And what do they get? 16 men with beards sitting [&hellip

Real Housewives of...

This week I watched the Real Housewives of NYC reunion with my parents who hadn’t ever seen the actual show. All my dad could say, every few minutes, was “Is this really how women are when they get together? Is this right?” In retrospect, I should just have show him this animated version because it [&hellip



Linsey and Janie...


Enough with the...

I know, I know.  Too many videos.   Today was my last day of ye olde jury duty and so I’m free to think about things other than how to appear crazy to the lawyers and judges so as to get out of jury duty.  Right now, however, I’m off to the Britney Spears concert, so [&hellip

Latex Free

While I’m enjoying jury duty, you can enjoy this horrifying birth simulator: [via