(Very) Briefly

This NaBloPoMo is not working out so well in terms of the posting daily, but I have posted more in the last couple weeks than I have in a while and so you have to give me that much, people. YOU HAVE TO GIVE ME THAT. So, here is one tidbit… Over there on the [&hellip

Put a pin...

EACH MOMENT A WHITE BULL STEPS SHINING INTO THE WORLD by Jane Hirshfield If the gods bring to you a strange and frightening creature, accept the gift as if it were one you had chosen. Say the accustomed prayers, oil the hooves well, caress the small ears with praise. Have the new halter of woven [&hellip


I arrived home from Melbourne on Sunday and since then I’ve slept all the wrong hours because that’s how I roll now.  If anyone’s awake at 3 or 4 or 5am and needs someone to talk to, hit me up because I’m around, probably reading, writing, farming and frontiering on Facebook, watching Xena: Warrior Princess [&hellip


We sat on the beach and played in the white-gold sand, making castles five feet high.  They were beautiful, perfect in their imperfection, built with sweetness and love.  I was afraid the surf would wash them away, would come right up to us and pull down the walls we’d so carefully built.  I motioned to [&hellip

The End

A Dream Lies Dead A dream lies dead here. May you softly go Before this place, and turn away your eyes, Nor seek to know the look of that which dies Importuning Life for life. Walk not in woe, But, for a little, let your step be slow. And, of your mercy, be not sweetly [&hellip


God, you guys.  it’s 315am on Tuesday and I’ve been sitting in here for days trying to write.  I mean, I have literally not left this room. Janie thinks I go to work but really I just hide under the desk until she goes away and then I’m back here staring at the screen, waiting [&hellip

How to be...

Further suggestions welcome in the comments&#


Do you know how much it costs to have RotoRooter come to your house on a Monday night to spend 20 minutes snaking your sink?  $266 American dollar bills. Pipes and plumbing and water are so dumb. Why can’t we go back to a simpler time when people would get their water from a well [&hellip

Where is Linsey?

PLUS EQUALS Posting will resume tomorrow.  Happy 2010 to everyone.  2009 was a real bullshit, but I have a good feeling about 2010.  We’re gonna really work it this year, friends

Merry Christmas!

Later, when I’ve had a few too many egg nogs, maybe I’ll come back here and sing the new song that I just made up for Janie called Christmas Fetus