Update: Repulsed

I’m so disgusted by myself right now. I’ve tried a million times over to write, but it’s all self-pitying bullshit. I’m in an ugly space and I’m struggling and it’s gross and I hate it. &nbsp


I’m in a mood.  The kind of mood where everything is stupid. EVERYTHING. STUPID. My writing is stupid.  This lamp is stupid. That brownie is stupid.  This chair is SO STUPID. WHY ARE YOU SO STUPID, EVERYTHING!? Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. But earlier today on the drive home I had a satisfying daydream about telling someone [&hellip

This is SO...

I had more ideas for writing today.  I’m going to have to do better at making time every day to sit and write something worthwhile.  Also, I just got sucked into some show on HGTV called Property Brothers and I can’t talk right now because this bitchy couple is making me nuts and I need [&hellip

Coming Up

After discussing the future of uncouth heathen with several people, I’ve decided to keep going.  I’ve always loved having this place to write and get to know some of the people who come here to read what I have to say.  How can I abandon something that led me to my best friend and several [&hellip


It’s been quite some time since I’ve written and there are several reasons.  One is that I’ve had a hard time really knowing what to write.  So many things have changed that it’s hard to even know how to incorporate all of that into this space.  As much as my life has changed in the [&hellip


I got an email recently from my friend Dana that said, “Please come back.”  So here I am…back…writing words. I’ve actually written several things…one post half-finished called Love Exists, one about that online dating website I joined and then un-joined, another about soul mates, another called What is Love and let’s just wrap them all [&hellip

Checking in

Who reads their blog archives at 1am and laughs like a jackass?  That would be me. I really do have some things to say here, some posts that have been half-written and sit in my drafts file like some orphaned children. I’ll be back for you, my babies, I yell as I pour another cocktail [&hellip


Yoyoyo, peoples. Happy New Year! I’ve got something in the works as a sort of “2010 wrap-up/things were unpleasant and I went crazy” and a “looking forward to 2011/I am retarded with potential” post that will explode your computer with all the thoughts and ideas and feelings. It’ll be better than it sounds. Maybe. I [&hellip

Merry Christmas Eve!