Days 6-10: 30...

Day 6: Draw your favorite book character.  I chose Santiago from Paulo Coehlo’s The Alchemist. Day 7: Draw your favorite word.  This was very difficult.  Contenders included shitbag, asshole and delicious Day 8: Draw your favorite animated character.  This was fairly simple because my favorite cartoon has always been The Smurfs. Day 9: Draw your [&hellip

Dancing With The...

by Fred Astaire What kind of sickly little nellies are they allowing to compete on Dancing with the Stars this year? The past two weeks has been filled with bitching and moaning about oh, my flu. I’m filled with the flu. The flu has be down and I need to go home to sleep. BOO [&hellip


I’m a little upset right now. I don’t know how to process what just happened. Afterward, I ate some cookies, drank a glass of milk, took a bath and scrubbed my body with sea salts to try to soothe myself. Nothing seems to be working. My favorite to make it to the final two of [&hellip

Dear Tyra

How are you? If you asked me how I am doing, I would tell you I am doing fine. What do you think I should do about the spam comments that keep showing up in my comment moderation files? Today I’ve received about six inappropriate comments from “people” offering me all sorts of pornographic links. [&hellip

But ya are,...

I came home from work a little early because my head aches. I’m the unfortunate recipient of inherited migraines. I’ve had one lingering, coming and going as it pleases, for the last month. I’ve taken every medication, with the exception of this one, in trying to shake this thing. When all else failed, I decided [&hellip