Another Biology Lesson

Last we met with the intention of learning science things (that’s very technical lingo we use back in the laboratory.  LA-BOR-a-tory meaning SNORE, this is boring, let’s go get ice cream.  And that’s how science is made.) we discussed vomit and tears.  Vomit and Tears is also the working title of the memoir I’m writing. You [&hellip

Biology Lesson

Hey friends.  I’m back again with my science cap on to teach you more stuff about things.  Do scientists wear caps?  I think I made that up.  Maybe I should have said lab coat and stethoscope and that headband with the shiny metal disc on the top.  Does anyone know what I’m talking about?  Because [&hellip

Recently My Mom...

[photo via] Blue footed boobies, to be exact. According to our friends at wikipedia: The name “booby” comes from the Spanish term bobo, which means “Stupid”. This is because the Blue-footed Booby is clumsy on the land. Like other seabirds, they can be very tame. The courtship of the Blue-footed Booby consists of the male [&hellip

You’re in for...

Last week Janie and I were minding our own business, watching Russell Brand host the VMA’s and call the president a retarded cowboy. During a commercial break we quietly watched the following ad: Janie was leaned up against me, as she is wont to do all the time so get off me already, woman! and [&hellip

Last night my mother and I attended a panel discussion on The Human Genome Project at the University of Washington. The above picture is of two panel participants, Leena Peltonen of the Welcome Trust Sanger Institute and Bill Gates III of Microsoft and Bob Waterston, Chair of Genome Sciences at UW, who was sort of [&hellip