I wondered if I’d still have things to talk about now that this National Blog Posting Month is over. Janie is likely praying for me to keep this up because she’s just enjoyed her first full month of uninterrupted sleep in nearly six years because I’ve saved up every last bit of miscellaneous information for [&hellip

Camp Malibu

Years ago, while living out my high school life as a closeted homosexual pervert, my mother decided I needed to go to a Christian summer camp and sleep in a cabin full of girls. We sang some Christian songs each night and spent our days in the sun swimming and tanning and sometimes talking about [&hellip

We don’t believe...

Janie and I returned from our 36 hour adventure in Kennewick late last night and we quickly spilled into bed and drifted off. Before I faded, I could hear Carson eagerly drinking from her water bowl for what seemed like minutes. Her rhythmic lapping sent me to dreams of her peeing all over Janie’s pillow. [&hellip