Overheard on Facebook... eavesdropping

Kim: is it too early for a beer? Linsey: No. It’s Sunday. Football. K: okay. L: Beer and football go together K: becuase i have nothing else but water to drink i have no football is that okay? L: I’m watching football so I have that covered K: does that make me an alcoholic? thank [&hellip

Overheard at Bauhaus eavesdropping

Linsey: when is date night? Kim: Friday L: plan? K: picnic at lincoln park L: PICNIC so romantic K: i’m providing food. she’s providing the picnic basket and blanket                                   L: PICNICS ARE FOR DATES K:  yes, well, this [&hellip

Overheard on Facebook... eavesdropping

Kim: She doesn’t care for orange juice too much, which is great because I hate it when people drink all my juice. Linsey: Nice. A match made in heaven! Does she like cat clocks? or cat things? Does she do things out of the house? What is her favorite kind of wood? K: She took [&hellip

Overheard on Facebook... eavesdropping

Kim: I hate the campus cashiers. They were very mean to me this morning. Linsey: Did you stab them in retaliation? K: No. They have one of those big bullet proof glass things. Oooh–look at me, I’m a cashier and you can’t touch me! L: A knife is not a bullet. I bet you could [&hellip

Overheard in the... gangsta

We were talking about emergency kits and she mentioned it would be a good idea to have cash on hand in case you couldn’t get money from a bank. Yes, that’s a good idea, to have a couple hundred dollars.  If you can’t do that, then make sure you have a gun so you can [&hellip

Recieved in reply... junk

I think there is a chemical leak in Linsey’s building. Someone should call

Overheard in the... eavesdropping

If I tell you to run someone over, you mow them down.  No questions.  Just do it

Overheard on the... eavesdropping

Gus had a good walk today. Now when he sees other dogs he doesn’t – GUS DON’T EAT POOP! – he doesn’t freak out about wanting to see them. He’s trying to eat cat poop. Anyway, he wants to see them, but if they aren’t interested or something he just goes on his way. Right. [&hellip

Overheard on the... eavesdropping

If you could be an entertainer of some sort, like a vocal entertainer – pop, rock, R&B –  which would you choose? I wouldn’t want to be a singer. You wouldn’t?  Well, maybe you should be a rapper. You think so? You could be all, “Yo yo yo!” Is that how you would rap? “Yo [&hellip

Overheard in Las... eavesdropping

Nothing brings a bunch of drunk whiteys together like Lynrd Skynrd