Dear Cassie

I’m sorry that this elections turned out the way it did, for you, for me, for our friends and family, for our country. I’m sorry we have to watch our nephews grow up with a president that stands for so much of what we stand against. I’m sorry you feel scared and angry and so [&hellip

Oh, you guys,...

Hey look! I was right. Some days are better than others and today is a better day then yesterday. For example, today my boss brought me a fruit tart. Yesterday: no tart. See how that works? You may want to skip this post and all the others for the last year, especially if you don’t [&hellip

An open letter...

This is Rutherford B. Hayes and his wife on their wedding day.  Gosh, Janie…this reminds me so much of us.  Look at the indifference on their faces…the take ir or leave it-ness.  It is like they could not talk or talk forever and still find things to not talk about.  Just like you and me.  And [&hellip

Confidential to Janie

Oh snap, son!  YA BURNT! Though female centaurs, called Kentaurides, are not mentioned in early Greek literature and art, they do appear occasionally in later antiquity. A Macedonian mosaic of the C4th BC is one of the earliest examples of the Centauress in art. Ovid also mentions a centauress named Hylonome who committed suicide when [&hellip

Dear Google Searchers...

As I mentioned last time we did this, many people stumble upon this site via Google and that fact alone is one of my favorite things about having a website – access to search terms.  People need answers and sometimes, instead of answers, they get to come visit me and hear about my dad’s heart, [&hellip

Dear God

Please help me not to murder this dog for sinking his razor teeth into my toes and thinking that my yelling in pain and screaming “NO BITE! NO BITE! NO! NO! OH MY GOD THAT HURTS SO BAD! NO!” means bite harder and more ferociously because this is such a fun game. Also, can you [&hellip

Dear Google Searchers...

I get a fair amount of people to this site based on their Google searches.  It is one of my favorite things about this place, being able to peek at the clandestine searches of strangers who are likely locked in their darkened bedrooms, secretly longing to find videos of teachers and their students having sex [&hellip

Dear Dana and...

Greetings to you between-holiday cleansers. I got your emails inquiring about the cleanse, if we were cleansing and how it was going. Well, I have something to say about this motherfucking cleanse. I was amped up to start this thing again, to go from Thanksgiving to Christmas eating vegan deliciousness, feeling good about myself while [&hellip

Dear Sarah Palin

I know that things up there in Wasilla must be a real drag, compared to the glitz and glamor of a national election. You had hoped to be sitting in the White House a few months from now, biding your time, serving John McCain rat poison and waiting for your chance at world domination. I [&hellip

Dear Senator Obama

Hi there. I know you might still be sore at me for attempting to caucus for Hillary a few months back, but I was weak. I wanted a woman in the White House! But now that I see what kind of undereducated, inexperienced, crazy-talking Evangelican Christian woman the Republicans are trying to back door into [&hellip