(Very) Briefly

This NaBloPoMo is not working out so well in terms of the posting daily, but I have posted more in the last couple weeks than I have in a while and so you have to give me that much, people. YOU HAVE TO GIVE ME THAT. So, here is one tidbit… Over there on the [&hellip

The White Bull

The other day I posted a poem by Jane Hirshfield called Each Moment a White Bull Steps Shining into the World.  As I read this for the first time, I was struck by the beauty and simplicity- of the poet’s ability to say so much with so little.  It reflects, very much, my personal beliefs [&hellip

Caption Contest


Put a pin...

EACH MOMENT A WHITE BULL STEPS SHINING INTO THE WORLD by Jane Hirshfield If the gods bring to you a strange and frightening creature, accept the gift as if it were one you had chosen. Say the accustomed prayers, oil the hooves well, caress the small ears with praise. Have the new halter of woven [&hellip


I’ve been feeling a bit stupid lately. Well, let me explain before you chime in with your OH YEAH’s and your YOU’VE GOT THAT RIGHT’s and the inevitable LET’S NOT LISTEN!  I’ve been so wrapped up in my ridiculous drama of a failure of a life that I’ve not really made time for myself to [&hellip

Oh, you guys,...

Hey look! I was right. Some days are better than others and today is a better day then yesterday. For example, today my boss brought me a fruit tart. Yesterday: no tart. See how that works? You may want to skip this post and all the others for the last year, especially if you don’t [&hellip

Some Days

Some days I don’t believe it will get any better, that I’ll feel sad and lonely and terrible for the rest of my life, and on those days I just want to disappear. I want to fall apart, melt down into a puddle and be dried up by the sun like there was nothing there [&hellip

Oh man, I...

Well, that didnt take long.  It’s just past midnight and I missed my November 2 post.  BALLS. Whatever! Janie and I just returned from seeing KT Tunstall at the Showbox SODO, so it was worth it.  The show was awesome. Here are a few of my favorite KT Tunstall songs for your perusal.  Let them [&hellip


Yoyoyo peeps!  It’s November, and what that means is it’s time for me to attempt and fail at National Blog Posting Month.  I’m actually hoping it’ll jar me back to reality and get me to writing more.  Or again.  Whatever man, don’t judge me!  I’m in the midst of an emotional crisis.  It’s never-ending, apparently.  [&hellip


Gussy received this stuffed sheep from my sister’s friends on Thanksgiving.  He absolutely loves it and by the next day he had chewed part of the face off  (covered by his ear in this photo) which I sewed up last night as we sat in bed and watched Xena: Warrior Princess.  Also, you can’t see [&hellip