It’s day one of National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) and I’m trying to use it as a tool to dedicate myself to writing again.  Writing has always been how I express myself, work out the toughness inside of me, settle some confusion and look deeper inside to pull out answers I’m seeking.  I’ve made so [&hellip


Four years ago, life filled itself with silence. In the months before that happened, my life was resplendent with noise.  There were endless words, echoes of laughter, the pulse of music, the gentle breaths of intimacy, the soft sighs and sobs as tears fell, the pointed words of disagreements and the pounding of a heart so [&hellip


There was a moment, when I saw you, and knew…there was love. It was old and it was precious and pulsing and strong. There was an immediacy in us.  We were fast. A word. A look. A smile.  And then, chest opened wide to show…this…belongs to you.  Do you remember? My body wasn’t yours.  Has never [&hellip