She’s busy.

Hello. This is uncouth’s wife, known on this site as Janie or The Girl Who Doesn’t Bring Her Wife Take-out. That’s a lie, by the way. I brought her take-out just the other day, and do you know what? She didn’t eat it. Not a single bite. My lady does not like leftovers, so if [&hellip

The Celiac

Janie, was diagnosed with Celiac disease in January of this year. Celiac disease is, basically, a body’s inability to process gluten. It damages the vili in the small intestine, making it near impossible to absorb nutrients. This causes many symptoms including fatigue, chronic diarrhea and the inability to locate your work badge. I was pretty [&hellip

I’m the worst...

Early this evening I was taking a nap and Janie decided to take a bath. I drifted off to the sounds of bathwater running down the hall. I woke up suddenly, still hearing water running and thinking to myself, “I know I was sleeping. I know I slept for a while. Why is that water [&hellip

You don’t bring...

Janie is out with some friends from work tonight which means two things: I am home alone and she will not bring me anything from the restaurant. This is an ongoing situation. She goes out into the world to enjoy a meal with friends and when she returns, no snacks. Every time. Even though we [&hellip

Lady Gay

A while back I started a blog on Blogger (a Blogger blog?) called “Lady Gay.” The term lady gay is what I have often used to refer to my partner, Janie. It just suits her. My “Lady Gay” blog wasn’t really about Janie – it was a sort of blog about lesbian relationships or, in [&hellip

Lessons Learned

I’m a firm believer that we are put into this life with certain people because they teach us qualities that we need to learn.  My theory is that we are given a vessel, a spirit, that starts out empty.  With each life we fill that vessel up with more knowledge until one day we’re full-up [&hellip