Dear Cassie

I’m sorry that this elections turned out the way it did, for you, for me, for our friends and family, for our country. I’m sorry we have to watch our nephews grow up with a president that stands for so much of what we stand against. I’m sorry you feel scared and angry and so [&hellip

You and I

I thought of you tonight for the first time in years, wondering if you’d really been here all along, hidden away until it was safe for you to re-emerge, safe from the doubts of your existence; that the feelings inside of me are a mirage and in a moment you will turn to dust and [&hellip

Day 11: 30...

Today’s challenge is to draw a turning point in your life.  This was easy because it changed everything – the life I had, the thoughts I had, ideas about life and love, my mental state, my emotional state, friends and family etc. I told Janie I was leaving her in May of 2010.  I had [&hellip

Well, hello there.

It’s been some time since my last post, and maybe you were thinking…MY GOD.  THE YARN KILLED HER!  KILLED HER DEAD!  Well, I’m happy to report that I am very much alive and the yarn has been handled.  Valerie got a special yarn-baller that made each wad into a handy flat ball that stored neatly [&hellip


Several times a day I like to tell Janie that she’s being watched.  Because she is. About two weeks ago we went to a little store in Seattle called Archie McPhee and before I had to make a mad dash out of there because something horrible was happening to my bottom system, I purchased several [&hellip

Revised Code of...

Thou shalt not leave thy stereo faceplate under the front seat of the car when thy partner has repeatedly asked you not to. Also, thou shalt properly secure thy Club to the steering wheel to deter neighborhood vandals from attempting to steal thy car, rather than leaving it in thy back seat. Thank you. :*


Not too long ago, XUP posted about her domestic routine, which reminded me that it was time to get some chores done around the house which, in turn, reminded Janie that she needed to lounge on the couch and watch Xena without taking her shirt off. Around these parts, I’m known as the anal one, [&hellip

On a Friday...

About six years ago, I was spending a lot of time on the phone with Janie, sometimes up to three hours a night talking about…what? Who talks about anything for three hours a night? What could I possibly have had to say? That’s probably why she fell asleep while I was mustering up the moxie [&hellip


I’ve been too busy to post tonight. Janie suggested we clean the house because it was starting to get pretty messy. I just can’t pass up that kind of offer, and by that kind of offer I mean an offer from my wife to do something besides take a bath or watch The First 48 [&hellip


My friend Robin-O said she’d come to Thanksgiving dinner as long as there would be no hand-holding and no intimate moments of going around the table to express thanks. In return, she’s promised not to bring cocaine or make out with anyone in my family. I appreciate her making these concessions and to help keep [&hellip