uncouth heathen’s second... christmas-presents

It’s that time, friends!  It’s Christmas and if you’re like me, you have four more days of shopping and still no idea of what to get anyone on your list.  So, with that in mind, I’ve done us all a favor and scoured the entirety of the Internet to offer up some of the best [&hellip

Career Choices junk

Jobs I might have worked Customer service associate Babysitter Executive Assistant Kanye West Prison Guard Chat room monitor Rapper Wrapper Stagecoach Driver Day care helper Tina Fey Jobs I might not have worked Waitress Actress Formula One Driver Neurosurgeon President Attorney Mail Carrier Shark Lifeguard

25 Thing I... junk

? Name our (male) dog Angel Change my name to Samantha so people would refer to me as Sam, like Alyssa Milano’s character on Who’s The Boss Become a neurosurgeon Go to Stanford University Play on the USA Women’s World Cup soccer team Have a job that involved carrying a brief case and stamping things [&hellip

I’d like to... junk

So, this morning a local radio station was interviewing Joan Cusack when one of the women mentioned that the number one on her top five of all time make-out list is John Cusack.  This got me to thinking about my special list, and so here it is, for your viewing pleasure. The top five people [&hellip

Shit that’s gone... news

I’m keeping this as proof that Armageddon is coming. Bank robbery downtown, possible bomb Bank robbery in Wedgewood Shooting in the Central District Car prowler evading police runs onto freeway and gets hit by a car Bicyclist run over by a van and killed in Ballard Seattle police are called to capture a runaway puppy [&hellip

25 people or... junk

Anyone who stops in the middle of a sidewalk, aisle, other walkway, completely oblivious to the people behind or around them. MOVE TO THE SIDE, ASSHOLE. People who do not give a courtesy wave after I let them cut in front of me in traffic. Yeah, you. You know who you are. People who steal [&hellip

25 Things I’ve... junk

Inspired by XUP. Been legally married Traveled to a third world country Donated to a politician Bought a brand new car Gotten into a fistfight Won money in Vegas and not turned right around to lose it all Made a soufflé Broken a bone that required me to wear a cast Had “the relations” with [&hellip

25 Things About... Love-Fire

  When I send her emails with links and later ask if she read them, she sometimes says yes, but when I ask her questions or start a discussion about the content, it becomes quite clear that maybe she just read the title or the first line or looked at the picture or said to [&hellip

Ten Basic Life... medical

Writing Pulling my pants down Shifting into “park” Using a fork Playing PlayStation Using the restroom Stapling things Turning the key in the ignition Opening mail Pushing Janie down Sprained Wrist

Answers music

Below are the answers to my iPod shuffle/song lyric quiz. Thanks for playing! Material Girl, Madonna Building a Mystery, Sarah McLachlan Space Dog, Tori Amos Chapel of Love, Bette Midler Sally’s Pigeons, Cyndi Lauper Sweet Jane, Cowboy Junkies Tusk, Fleetwood Mac Daughter, Pearl Jam Buttermilk Biscuits, Sir Mix-A Lot 9 to 5, Dolly Parton I [&hellip