uncouth heathen’s Holiday... junk

Happy Holidays, team!  Christmas and its compatriots are on their way, so I’m here to provide you with the annual (sometimes) uncouth heathen gift guide.  If you’re looking for something unique for your office party, drunk uncle or cray-cray roommate, but you just haven’t stumbled upon the right thing, have a look below.  I guarantee [&hellip

Link Dump junk

I’ve been collecting delicious links again!  I’ve managed to come across so many cute and tasty and fucked-up things in the last months that my special email folder is bursting at the seems.  But not really because email is email and not a pair of pants. I have always loved to watch the Olympic gymnastic [&hellip

Great Interview Experiment meet

Ho There! I’m sitting at home, freezing my ass off because it’s 25 degrees outside.  That’s an estimate.  Fuck, dude, it’s chilly.  But it’s also beautiful, which is sad only because I’ve been home sick so far this week with head problems.  BOO. I participated in the original Great Interview Experiment which was conceived by [&hellip

I don’t have... Video

So here’s a video of a domesticated squirrel that I absolutely want to steal. In other news: Did any of you hear about that guy who, while diving in Australia, was stung by a tiny jellyfish no bigger than a peanut and was rushed to intensive care?  He was wearing a special wetsuit meant to [&hellip

uncouth heathen’s First... christmas-presents

Some people love meat and more often than not you can check them off your list with a meat of the month club or something from Omaha steaks or, once, there was a truck going around our neighborhood selling excess meat or something.  I think he was just casing the neighborhood using meat sales as [&hellip

An Anatomy Lesson... camera
Dump junk

Every once and again I email myself or bookmark a link that I want to revisit and I forget about it for a long time, sometimes for several years. I’m dumping some of those along with some fresher ones. These are for both you and me: Fiji Water: Spin the Bottle: Anna Lenzer shares her [&hellip

Everything I Write... writing

That is a physical representation of what I’ve been writing for weeks now.  Everything I write I end up hating.  HATING.  Gross, like a smelly mixture old garbage and JOOP! cologne. Also, I hate the Internet.  Seriously.  I feel so judgey about how some people who are “popular bloggers” became such because, you know what, [&hellip

I should just... junk

That title would be funnier if I’d managed to write anything in the last six months that was worth reading. Sorry babies, Mama’s having a bit of a dry spell, like that one time from 1991-1999, only worse. Have no fear, my ladies and gentlemen! I have several ideas for you to point your cervix [&hellip

Oh, good lord. Video

If you can manage, watch it (sorry folks, broken link here.  too bad for you) through to the end.  This is A+ ranting. [via