Day 5: 30...

Today’s challenge was to draw your best friend. Leah and I met via this website and last night it dawned on me that we have been friends now for 7 years. Leah is, easily, one of the very best people I know. She’s wise and kind and hilarious and creative and incredibly intuitive. I trust [&hellip

Leah (Part I)

Leah was one of the very first people to happen upon this little website outside of my family and friends.  She has always been my biggest fan, even more than Janie ever was and IF YOU WANT TO KNOW WHY WE ARE DIVORCED THEN THERE IS A GOOD ONE OF THE MANY REASONS (Janie would [&hellip


A while back I started a blog on Tumblr, where mostly people put pictures and quotes and videos and reblog the shit out of one another, so I don’t really know how I have ever managed to find something new but there we have it.  The beauty of the Internet.  Some crazy asshole is always [&hellip