Meet Carson

Carson is Harlow’s sister. She is affectionately known as Carson Carson or Missy Miss. She looks like she swallowed a basketball and sounds like she is on a regular diet of Marlboro reds and cheap whiskey. She is always hungry and always thirsty, but she doesn’t want anything other than her special diet cat food [&hellip

Dear Robin-O

It has been some time since I’ve written you back and so I thought I’d post my response here, on the Internet, for all to see my shame at being a terrible corresponder. My friend Kristiina called me on Valentine’s Day and I promised to call her back. I’m still planning on it. I have [&hellip


Our cat Carson mysteriously contracted worms. She doesn’t eat rodents, doesn’t have fleas and never goes outside or has physical contact with animals who do, so it’s a mystery as to where she got them. Super-fun! But not as fun as trying to find a way to deliver three pills worth of medication to a [&hellip

Fight Night

  Unwelcome Visitor from Linsey T on Vimeo

Overheard in the...

I called the vet and Carson has an appointment next Tuesday. Did you tell them about the thing we found in her booty? I didn’t. They just said they wanted a fresh sample, so I just didn’t bring it up. It’s probably no good now, anyway, so we can just get a fresh sample. I [&hellip

Harlow Marie
Meet Harlow

Janie checked Harlow out from the library about 6 years ago and never bothered to bring her back, no matter how much I have begged over the years. Her nickname is The Stink, because that’s what she is. You can also call her Tiny Monkey, Tiny Stink, Stinkerpotamus and Stinkerbean. Sometimes you can call her [&hellip

In a Scrape

Janie wasn’t feeling well this morning and so she elected to spend a few extra minutes lounging in bed with a book, covered with every blanket in the house because it’s cold as balls in this place. The cats had been fed and Carson wandered in, looking ready for a nap. I picked her up [&hellip

Memory Lane

I’ve been listening to The Orb and downloading some songs that remind me of high school. Years ago, when I was a student at Shorewood High School, two friends and I put together a video for National History Day. Our lowly little project on the history of the telephone made it to the state competition [&hellip

Meet Ducati

Ducati is 8 years old. He loves catnip, biting the tops of our feet, wet cat food, staring at Harlow when she uses the cat box and slapping Carson on the ass. In September of 2004, his eye was removed because a freckle had, over a couple of years, developed into cancer. Though it was [&hellip