Great Interview Experiment:... meet

A few days ago I shared Down To Earth Mama’s interview of me for the Great Interview Experiment.  I hope you took a chance to read it because I am pretty hilarious and she asked some really interesting questions.  Below I’ve posted my interview of Jenipurr.  (There are two parts – my original questions and [&hellip

Great Interview Experiment meet

Ho There! I’m sitting at home, freezing my ass off because it’s 25 degrees outside.  That’s an estimate.  Fuck, dude, it’s chilly.  But it’s also beautiful, which is sad only because I’ve been home sick so far this week with head problems.  BOO. I participated in the original Great Interview Experiment which was conceived by [&hellip

It’s like being... meet

Red Pen Mama has interviewed me for the Great Interview Experiment. As you may recall, I interviewed Tex in the City a few days back. Another blogger was supposed to interview me, but she disappeared and Red Pen Mama swooped in to take over. Head on over to her website to check out the interview [&hellip

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Neil over at Citizen of the Month started The Great Interview Experiment, so that a blogger can feel important and be somebody. All you need to do to participate in this ego maniacal experiment is click on this link RIGHT HERE and make some sort of comment about needing attention and thinking that I’m the [&hellip