How to be... gangsta

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Helping Words Love-Fire

Janie has been going to therapy for the last few weeks because she has contracted the crazy.  Don’t tell her I said that because she thinks she’s going to therapy because of me but she is wrong.  SHE IS WRONG!  Last week her therapist made her role play and have a conversation with her fourth [&hellip

Tips on Raising... sleep

Integration with Household Pets and Other Animals For those of you with feline friends, you should know that puppies are ridiculously uncoordinated and wiggly, but still manage to make cats believe they can and will murder them. We have three (very bad) cats, as I have mentioned before. Gus loves them and he looks forward [&hellip

Hot Tips: Tile... homeowner

Now that I am experienced in removing massive quantities of small tiles from a shower, I feel compelled to offer tips to the next unsuspecting fool who believes a project of this nature will be a piece of cake. 1. Wear shoes Granted, this should be completely obvious when you have tiny shards of tile [&hellip