We listed the condo Friday before last and in the couple weeks leading up to that moment, there was much to do.  SO MUCH TO DO.  There was painting, packing, painting, staging, painting, cleaning, painting, sighing – a lot of sighing – and then MORE PAINTING.  This was not unlike the last time we put [&hellip

Moving On

I have divorce on the brain. On the 24th, Janie and I had a court date to finalize the dissolution of our partnership.  Three months ago I finally got around to filing the papers to get this process rolling, postponing the inevitable out of laziness or disinterest, and I am proud to say that we [&hellip


Janie and I broke down and brought the old desk out of storage to set up in her bedroom so I could use the desktop computer to finish our taxes and fuck around with Photoshop, etc.  I had forgotten how much I missed having that whole set-up.  There’s just something about being able to saddle [&hellip


Oh, you guys. GOD DAMN. I hate painting. We’re getting the condo all ready to list and it’s paint paint paint all the time and in between we do yard work, cry because a) this is depressing or b)  one of us just had a giant glob of paint drip onto their eyeball, we move [&hellip

Letting Go: Part...

Ending a relationship is the most insanely complicated experience I can ever imagine.  I work in a law office and there are an abundance of rules and regulations and codes and laws to weave through and yet it is still less complicated than finding your way through the end of a long-term relationship.  Seriously.  This [&hellip

Losing your mind...

Back in early March I wrote a post called Advanced Self-Loathing on which many people commented such beautiful and kind things that I was overwhelmed.  It started in me a profound change and I spent many months in a process of uncovering parts of myself that I either didn’t know existed, or that didn’t exist [&hellip

This entire place...

I rearranged our office this evening.  I moved everything around and nothing is anywhere it used to be.  I can’t find a god damn thing anymore.  WHERE ARE THE BILLS?  Oh well, they must not be important.  We’ll get new ones next month, right?  No problem. As I took a break from the chaos of [&hellip


Do you know how much it costs to have RotoRooter come to your house on a Monday night to spend 20 minutes snaking your sink?  $266 American dollar bills. Pipes and plumbing and water are so dumb. Why can’t we go back to a simpler time when people would get their water from a well [&hellip


Our homeowner woes continue. I’m preparing our bathroom for new paint and vinyl floor tiles. As I pulled out the old vinyl tiling, what should appear? CRACKS! IN THE CEMENT FLOOR! FUCK YOU! Sometimes I hate this house so much! Luckily, I’ve been doing some research and repairing the cracks isn’t going to take too [&hellip

The fun awaits...

Yo! Yo! Yo! So, look.  NaBloPoMo was an abject failure up in this hizzy.  I know that.  But what is exciting is that today is the first day of a new month, but not just any month!  OH NO!  It is December, motherfuckers!  The Christmas season!  What business does a non-Christian have celebrating a month [&hellip