Merry Christmas!

Later, when I’ve had a few too many egg nogs, maybe I’ll come back here and sing the new song that I just made up for Janie called Christmas Fetus

For Janie

Janie and I were recently discussing the worst Christmas songs ever.   She was telling me about the most horrifying song she has ever heard, called Christmas Shoes.  Have you heard this terrible, terrible Christmas song?  No matter.  I happened upon this You Tube clip of Patton Oswalt going over the entire song.  This is for [&hellip

Gussy wishes you...

As I mentioned before, our Christmas card this year was the above photo of Gus.  It is blurry because after three days of attempts at getting everything to work properly, I gave up.  By the end, Janie and I were even more angry than when we put Ikea furniture together and I lose my cool [&hellip


I’ve been struggling with what to say about our Cookie Baking Day because, for the first time ever, there was no crying or swearing or arguing of any kind. In fact, the only mishap was when I accidentally quadrupled a recipe that I had only meant to double. While it was a recipe that is [&hellip

Great Interview Experiment:...

A few days ago I shared Down To Earth Mama’s interview of me for the Great Interview Experiment.  I hope you took a chance to read it because I am pretty hilarious and she asked some really interesting questions.  Below I’ve posted my interview of Jenipurr.  (There are two parts – my original questions and [&hellip

In the running...

Last night I think I slept for maybe three hours and those three hours can’t really be classified as sleep as much as they can be classified as the amount of time I had my eyes closed and prayed for sweet death. Since the fall, we’ve let Gus sleep on the bed with us and [&hellip

Gussy Gets a...

Janie’s friend Mary sent Gus a winter coat. It’s a little snug for him, but it still fits. We normally have him out wearing a sweater or a waterproof fleece jacket for evenings when the weather is chilly and wet, but since we’ve had some significant low temperatures the past few days, it might well [&hellip

Reminiscing: You’re so...

This was probably taken sometime in the early spring of this year, based on the ever-evolving ways in which we tried to keep Gus contained in one part of the house (see the white board).  This is one of my favorite Gus videos. I apologize in advance for my high-pitched puppy-talking voice


Every year Janie and I get a new ornament for our Christmas tree.  Last year we didn’t have a tree, but we still managed to buy an ornament.  We just can’t remember which one it is.  This fat little snowman was one of the special ones, on the year I decided that we needed to [&hellip