Gussy received this stuffed sheep from my sister’s friends on Thanksgiving.  He absolutely loves it and by the next day he had chewed part of the face off  (covered by his ear in this photo) which I sewed up last night as we sat in bed and watched Xena: Warrior Princess.  Also, you can’t see [&hellip

Happy Halloween

Gus was going to be Yoda for Halloween this year and we had a cute little outfit all purchased and ready for the day.  I spent this morning shortening the legs because it was for a taller dog.  I though tit would work, but I didn’t account for the fact that Gus couldn’t understand what [&hellip

Saturday Morning
Tips on Raising...

Integration with Household Pets and Other Animals For those of you with feline friends, you should know that puppies are ridiculously uncoordinated and wiggly, but still manage to make cats believe they can and will murder them. We have three (very bad) cats, as I have mentioned before. Gus loves them and he looks forward [&hellip

Friday Night Videos

Since I’ve been laid up, there hasn’t been a whole lot to do other than to make Janie angry by threatening to clean out her nightstand drawer where she hoards things like medication, nuts and writing implements.  I dug around in there and found our Flip camcorder and we spent several minutes Thursday night watching [&hellip

A boy and...

Gussy loves the beach ball we bought him last weekend. He chases it around the house, pounces on it and when it gets stuck in a corner, bites at it until he gets a good grip and carries it back into the living room where it deflates. This beach ball now has roughly 14 duct [&hellip

Overheard on the...

Gus had a good walk today. Now when he sees other dogs he doesn’t – GUS DON’T EAT POOP! – he doesn’t freak out about wanting to see them. He’s trying to eat cat poop. Anyway, he wants to see them, but if they aren’t interested or something he just goes on his way. Right. [&hellip


Gussy is recovering from his neuter surgery, a topic of fierce debate in our circle of friends and family.  He is doing very well and is easing back into his vigorous stuffed animal face-raping schedule

Mr. Saturday Night
Crime Scene

Our cat, Ducati, took it upon himself to attempt murder on Augustus this weekend. I was in the office when I heard skittering feet and knew that Gus was probably involved because he’d just wandered down that way. I walked down the hall and as I turned into the bedroom I watched Ducati scurry up [&hellip