Dancing With The... astaire-hough

by Fred Astaire What kind of sickly little nellies are they allowing to compete on Dancing with the Stars this year? The past two weeks has been filled with bitching and moaning about oh, my flu. I’m filled with the flu. The flu has be down and I need to go home to sleep. BOO [&hellip

Tips on voting... world

by a Dixon Ticonderoga #2 Pencil Do you remember the days when ballots and test forms were filled out with your old pal, #2? Don’t be gross, I’m talking pencils here! Well, that time has come and gone and most election offices around the nation have people filling their choices in with ballpoint pens, checking [&hellip

Thoughts on the... politics

by a Casio Keyboard Last night I watched the second presidential debate between Barack Obama and John McCain. I know I’m not alone when I tell you that it was a bit of a snoozer. There were the same old canned responses and jabs as we’ve seen in the preceding months, only with slightly more [&hellip

A Guest Column... sportsball

by a Kitchenaid Hand Mixer Oakland Raider’s leather-faced, septuagenarian owner Al Davis fired second-year coach Lane Kiffin, the youngest head coach in NFL history, after only four games.  A year’s worth of rumors were confirmed in a press conference held by Davis, who read a three-page statement under the bright light of a desk lamp. [&hellip

I, Too, Was... defaultrainbow

I was a member of the OSS alongside Julia Child. I don’t know why she’s getting all the glory while I’m left here to rot with nary a mention. All Julia ever did was type up a few letters and bring in scones and muffins twice a week. This was before she hooked up with [&hellip

She’s busy. turkeyfoot

Hello. This is uncouth’s wife, known on this site as Janie or The Girl Who Doesn’t Bring Her Wife Take-out. That’s a lie, by the way. I brought her take-out just the other day, and do you know what? She didn’t eat it. Not a single bite. My lady does not like leftovers, so if [&hellip